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Many books have been published about World War Two events and similar subjects but rarely do they give a clear indication of 'why we went to war'.
This book not only gives the pre-War happenings in Europe but also gives in chapter one the official memoranda which led to war including the message by King George VI which was broadcast throughout the empire on the outbreak of war.
Indeed, in his comments about the book, Capt Jim Boardman says -


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'A young girl in my village asked me if I could recommend a book which would help her with her GCSEs. I could not help because World War Two is such a wide subject with many books covering the world events. Now I have it in a nutshell.'.
Approximately 260 pages with 16 colour plates, 60 photographs and eight maps in perfect bound board gloss colour cover.
Book size 148mm x 210mm. ISBN 0-9529597-2-0. Price £9.50 inc. postage & packing.