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The Scots Guards have over 360 years of unbroken service to the Crown and can trace their origins back to an army that was raised by Archibald 1st Marquess of Argyll on 16 March 1642. Since then the Regiment has served in nearly every campaign in which the British Army has been involved in.
The companies of the Regiment are designated by letters in alphabetical order throughout the Regiment starting from the right of the 1st Battalion. The flank companies are known not by their letter but as Right Flank and Left Flank respectively, the former being the senior company in the battalion..
The officer in command of the Regiment is referred to as The Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding distinguishing him from the Colonel of the Regiment, who since 1642 has been either a member of the Royal Family or a very senior officer of the Army, the current Colonel is HRH The Duke of Kent GCMG GCVO ADC (P)

The Scots Guards Magazine is published annually in April

Scots Guardsmen are fiercely proud of their unbroken service and loyalty to the Monarch and their hard won reputation as fighting soldiers. Underpinning the highest standards of ceremonial duties in front of Buckingham Palace in the heart of London is the fact that every Guardsman is a fully trained, self-disciplined infantry soldier ready for war fighting or peacekeeping operations at short notice in arduous conditions in any part of the world.