On 1 March 2006, the Royal Welsh was formed from the amalgamation of The Royal Regiment of Wales, The Royal Welch Fusiliers and The Royal Welsh Regiment (Army Reserves)
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The Royal Regiment of Wales was formed in 1969 by the amalgamation of two of Wales' most famous and distinguished regiments, namely The South Wales Borderers (24th Foot) and The Welch Regiment (41st/69th Foot).
The South Wales Borderers distinguished themselves in many campaigns. Perhaps best remembered are the Marlborough campaigns, the America War of Independence and the Sikh wars. Its involvement in the Anglo-Zulu war was both tragic and glorious, Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift are likely to be remembered for a long time.
The Welch Regiment, formed in 1719 as a Regiment of Invalids for garrison duties, went on to distinguish itself in a wide variety of campaigns, most notably in Canada, the Crimea and the Napoleonic Wars, in which elements served at both Waterloo and with the Royal Navy, and not to mention World War I and World War II and more recently Korea.
The Royal Regiment of Wales has now amalgamated with the Royal Welch Fusiliers to form the Royal Welsh.