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By Example We Lead...Memoirs of a 22-year career serving as a Military Policeman
You can view the December edition of the journal online at the above link. It is planned to produce an official online version of subsequent editions that can be accessed from a new RMP website on a subscription basis later in the year.
The Royal Military Police Journal is the triannual A4, glossy full colour, official journal of the Royal Military Police.
The RMP are the Army's specialists in Investigations and Policing. They are responsible for policing the military community worldwide. Its core tasks are to 'police the Force and provide police support to the Force'.
The RMP have two specialisations: the Special Investigation Branch (SIB) and Close Protection (CP). The SIB undertake serious and protracted investigations and provide specialist support to investigations such as scenes of crime. They provide this service both in garrison and on operations. The RMP also train and provide Close Protection operatives from within the RMP for senior military personnel on operations.

The Royal Military Police Journal is published three times a year

They also provide a number of on-call trained operatives for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Serving personnel, those who once served and members of the Royal Military Police Association are all encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in The Royal Military Police Journal. Reports from Provost units of the Regular and Territorial Army are always included as well as those from branches of the Association.