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The Queen's Royal Hussars (Queen's Own and Royal Irish) is the senior light cavalry regiment of the British Army.
The Queen's Royal Hussars (Queen's Own and Royal Irish) was formed on 1 September 1993 from the amalgamation of The Queen's Own Hussars and The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. The Regiment traces its roots back to 1685 and during these past 300 years has been awarded 172 Battle Honours and eight Victoria Crosses.
From the formation of the Standing Army in 1685 the Regiment and her antecedents have fought with distinction in almost every campaign that the British Army has conducted. The Regiment charged with the Light Brigade in the Crimea, and with Wellington at Waterloo. They fought in South Africa during the Boer War and suffered the hell of trench life in France and Flanders during the Great War.
The transition from horse to tank in the 1930s guaranteed that the Regiment has played a central role in armoured warfare, from the deserts of North Africa and the jungles of Burma to the beaches of Normandy.

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More recently the Regiment distinguished itself in Korea and the Gulf War.
The QRH was the first to deploy tanks into Bosnia and blooded their new Challenger 2 tanks in Kosovo.
The Regiment is currently based in Sennelager Germany. and provides the Armoured Regiment to 20 Armoured Brigade, which is part of 1(UK) Armoured Division.