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This book is a compelling collection of memoirs of the author's time in one of England's finest Regiments, the Grenadier Guards.
Written from grassroots level, this is the first hand account of a young guardsman's experiences in those early years.
The book's success is its authenticity. No works by social historians, professors or anyone else about the period can do the same job as a first-hand unprejudiced and natural account such as this. If anyone wants a picture of what it really was like in these times, then
there is no substitute for the authentic memories of the participants.
Follow the author Jack, through his training and then see for yourself what it was like to live and fight during the second world war from Dunkirk to Nijmegen.
His prose, as well as being very readable, is richly textured; as such, it lends his descriptions an impressive and entirely fitting dramatic immediacy. In short, this is a well-written and intrinsically engrossing piece of work.
Approx 128 pages with 28 photographs and
three maps in perfect bound, board gloss colour cover.
Book size 148mm x 210mm.
ISBN 0-9529597-4-7.
Price £8 + £1 post and packaging.


Send a cheque/postal order made payable to WJ Pritchard to the value of £9 per copy (includes post and packaging) to...

Mrs Lynne Pritchard, 14 Edinburgh Drive, Willenhall, Wolverhampton WV12 4SA.